The award winner will be an organisation with an innovative and ambitious project that is committed to making a positive, lasting difference to people’s lives.

The WCIT Charity seeks to identify an outstanding UK registered charity that is looking to run a project using the innovative nature and power of IT to tackle either:

  • Identified needs relating to young people’s education.
  • Identified needs relating to those contending with disadvantage, disability or social exclusion.

You will be bold enough to try new approaches, while also managing your risks carefully. You will be committed to delivering cost-effective work that is based on well-evidenced needs, and you will closely monitor your impact. You will have the drive to scale-up the work you’re delivering, and will commit to a close and fruitful partnership with the WCIT Charity. Should this award enable you to attract matched funding in order to deliver benefit on an even greater scale, this would be a positive feature of your application.

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