A thank you from Missing People 

2 November 2021

A message saying happy third digital anniversary

In the autumn of 2018, the WCIT Charity made a significant grant in the form of the 2018 IT Award. Charities were invited to pitch their project to be in with the chance of receiving the initial prize of £750,000. However, there were two stand-out organisations both hoping to deliver very similar projects, and so CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) and Missing People were each awarded £300,000 to help them scale-up their online support services through the introduction of chatbots. The remaining money funded a ground-breaking learning exchange to connect charities with AI expertise – AI4C.

Both projects have delivered tangible outputs to help the most disadvantaged in society, and we will be reporting on the impact of these grants more fully in the months ahead. But in the meantime, to mark this three-year ‘anniversary’, the team at Missing People have created a short video above to express their gratitude to the WCIT…