A thank you from Treloar’s

8 September 2021

Students at Treloar School go pond dipping

We are exceptionally grateful for the continued interest and support from the WCIT – it has had such a positive impact on our students at this challenging time.

Over the last year, Treloar’s has been able to remain open to help support vulnerable students who all have complex physical disabilities. But we have experienced a considerable drop in charitable income and have faced a significant cost in providing PPE to keep students and staff safe. Furthermore, the funding that we receive from Local Authorities doesn’t stretch to provide the specialist equipment that our students desperately need in order to access their education and live life to the full. So it is with thanks to the support of generous donors that during the last year we have been able to provide the following specialist equipment for our students.

  • Tomcat Trikes, which are lightweight, comfortable and safe and can change someone’s future from a life spent in a wheelchair to cycling.
  • Acheeva beds, which are designed to help students who need extra posture support and who have limited options other than their wheelchair for positioning.
  • A Driving Platform, which allows students without a powerchair to learn the skills required to independently drive. In many cases this has allowed students to prove to their wheelchair service that they are able to meet the criteria to be provided with a powerchair of their own, which is quite simply life-changing for them.