Annual Review 2019 is now available

31 July 2020

A child enjoys the technology provided by Lifelites

We are happy to share with you our Annual Review 2019, which captures all the wonderful causes we supported in 2019 and demonstrates the impact we’ve had in some of the UK’s most marginalised communities.

Last year was a fantastic year of fundraising for our Charity, thanks to our generous supporters. The total amount we raised in 2019 was £168,050 – an impressive increase of almost £20,000 from 2018. We are very grateful for this financial generosity and for the many hours our volunteers have donated in pro bono time.

In 2019 we made grants of over £440,000, supporting the work of over 20 charities and using IT to change lives. From supporting educational projects (such as Cyber Girls First workshops) to innovating the way the charity sector uses AI (through our 2018 IT Award), our Charity has had a tremendous year of expanding its reach and supporting groundbreaking work nationally. We are so excited to share those success stories with you – we hope they bring you some joy in those difficult times.

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