App facilitates reciprocal support

28 June 2024

mobile phone screenshots of the new timebanking app

Timebanking UK is passionate about enabling communities to exchange skills and time without money changing hands. The organisation has, up to now, given its member organisations the ability to do this through its Time OnLine software. However, it was aware that a bespoke app would not only facilitate easier, more targeted exchanges thanks to smart-word functionality and other features, but it could also engage a wider group of people with foreign language functionality. Furthermore, the impact of timebanking interactions could be more easily measured via an app.

Following a £10,000 grant from the WCIT Charity, Timebanking UK set to work with an audit which provided insights into the specific requirements and preferences of their target demographic, particularly young people. They also sought stakeholder feedback at each stage of the development, ensuring that the main concerns around privacy, safeguarding and accessibility were addressed.

The app is now fully designed and ready for construction, while a strong standalone brand for a younger more informal audience has been tested and positively received. Their aim now is to secure corporate sponsorship to match-fund the WCIT Charity’s donation.