App will facilitate mutual support

2 June 2023

The WCIT Charity is pleased to announce its latest grant recipient. The national membership organisation Timebanking UK will be developing an app to make it even easier and quicker for people to help each other in their local communities through the exchange of skills and favours.

The ability to make real-time exchanges through an app will be a huge bonus to over 18,000 active members of more than 100 time banks across the UK. Each individual time bank is hyper-local and enables mutual support, something which is increasingly important following the pandemic and in the current cost of living crisis.

Once created, the app will alert individuals to relevant offers and requests in their area, and will be more inclusive thanks to its foreign language capabilities. It will also allow time banks to capture the effect exchanges have on people’s health and wellbeing to better report on the impact of time banking.

Chair of the WCIT Charity, Dr Stefan Fafinski DL, said: “Any tech that facilitates more exchanges of help and support between neighbours, especially those who may not have a local support network, is a clear example of what the WCIT Charity advocates for: using IT for good.”

Images of help, such as gardening and sewing, being put in a piggy bank