Assistive technology helps job seekers

4 January 2022

Assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired

In September 2021, the WCIT Charity awarded Blind in Business £2,000 to update the assistive technology used in their office.

Since receiving that grant and updating their software, Blind in Business has helped 19 blind people into good jobs, and nearly 50 people have used the charity’s technology to support them into jobs and complete applications.

One such person was Karen: “When I came out of university, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and was rather lost. I contacted the team at Blind in Business and they started to define what help I needed, but more importantly they identified which technology could support me with my job applications in the area of finance, and how technology could help me at home. I was surprised at how quickly I learnt to use it, and it was great to work with the staff daily at their offices in the City. I’ve already had four interviews, so I’m now close at getting a job.”

Thanks to members’ donations via the WCIT Charity to Blind in Business, many blind people have been given the confidence to apply for jobs in an especially challenging job market.