Leave us a legacy


How does it work?


By remembering the WCIT Charity in your will, you will enable your legacy to help generations to come and continue to change lives for the better. A legacy donation is one of the most effective ways in which you can help us. Your gift will be used to maximise our impact through the use of technology and education for the most vulnerable in our society.


What do you need to do next?


To find out more about legacy giving, download our brochure. If you wish to amend an existing will, you may choose to use this codicil template.

It would also help us prepare for your donation if you complete and return a Legacy Notification form to the Clerk.

Thank you for remembering the WCIT Charity.


Continuous Committed Giving (CCG)


By becoming a CCG member, you commit to a regular monthly, quarterly or annual donation to our Charity. You can donate as little or as much as you like – every donation will make a tremendous difference. Even a modest monthly payment will help us improve the lives of those who need it most.

By becoming a CCG donor, you have the power to impact some of UK’s and London’s most marginalised communities. As a regular donor, you will be contributing to initiatives based on technology that change people’s lives, therefore directly helping the most vulnerable in our society. To become a regular donor, please click below.


Better Together


Better Together was an initiative for members to join together for one year and donate £512 each (plus Gift Aid where applicable). Members voted for the charity of their choice from a shortlist of nominated charities who the WCIT Charity had worked in the past: the chosen charity was Local Village Network.

There was an event with Local Village Network, and Better Together members were able to help the charity directly with their Power of an Hour programme.

Better Together members choose to support LVN

Charity of Choice


The notion of adding social value is becoming an increasingly common way of evaluating the broader responsibilities and impact of organisations, whether they have a commercial or non-commercial intent.

There is a role for the WCIT Charity , as a neutral broker, to promote social value within the broad technology sector, providing both encouragement and a platform for those who embrace its principles.

More information coming soon.