Latest grants awarded

13 October 2021

A graphic of a laptop

The latest grants allocated by the WCIT Charity all have one thing in common – they are using IT for good to encourage digital inclusion for disadvantaged people…

To supplement their distribution of laptops, tablets and computers to families in Wandsworth, Power to Connect will be delivering digital skills sessions at schools, so that parents can support their children to engage safely in the digital world.

Blind and partially sighted graduates and job-seekers will benefit from the latest accessibility software at Blind in Business, where they will receive training to help them on the path to employment.

Yad Voezer Day Centre will be running a year-long IT training programme for residents with learning disabilities, in order to give them greater independence and job readiness skills.

Similarly, Oakleaf Enterprise is being funded to provide work-related IT training to adults with mental health conditions to prepare them for returning to the workplace with up-to-date skills.

Finally, a trial project to provide accessible technology to older people with sight loss is being funded at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind. The project will offer the low-vision friendly tablets and phones on a ‘try before you buy’ basis. Users will be shown how to use them to communicate as well as for entertainment, independence and wellbeing.