Local Village Network launches rewards

2 March 2022

Screenshot of app on phone

LVN is a grassroots youth charity passionate about using networks to increase social mobility. They do this by delivering mentoring sessions delivered by a network of over 1,000 volunteers, and by signposting young people to opportunities, both via LVN’s app.

Every time a young person attends a mentoring session and completes a in-app session review, they receive an LVN star. After they have completed six mentoring sessions, they are offered a reward.

Rewards are important, as this target audience of young people do not have a lot. By rewarding positive behaviour, they are given a better chance at life at a time when they are open to negative influences.

Anyone can help by providing rewards for local young people, ideally items for free rather than at a discount. Those rewards do not need to be huge: whether it’s T-shirts, a cake or a week’s gym fees, if you think you can help please email