Music tech boosts mental health

27 September 2023

A staff member setting up the Soundbeam technology in a hospice

Thanks to a grant from the WCIT Charity, Lifelites has successfully installed ten Soundbeams in ten hospices around the British Isles.

This means that nearly 4,000 life-limited and disabled children, their siblings, parents and other family members have benefitted from these touch-free musical devices that use sensor technology to translate movement into music and sound.

The device gives children a unique opportunity, regardless of their impairments or disability, to make music individually or as part of a group. This creative expression and social interaction helps their mental health on several levels: by increasing independence, reducing isolation, improving communication, boosting their emotional wellbeing and enhancing family relationships.

Lifelites has been supplying various assistive and inclusive technologies for over 20 years and during that time the Soundbeam has remained a much loved and consistently used tool for musical expression.

See the technology in use at Rueben’s Retreat in Derbyshire…