WCIT Charity summer celebration

21 September 2022

After being postponed due to rail strikes in June, the WCIT Charity summer celebration – a thank you event for members and supporters – finally took place at the Hall in September.

This year’s event gave members the opportunity to hear about how the Charitable Operations Committee allocates grants and the different causes and organisations it has funded in 2021-2022. The audience were also treated to superb presentations from Jo Youle, CEO of Missing People, and Maria Kuzak, Senior Philanthropy Manager at CALM, following the conclusion of their three-year IT Award grants.

They both shone a light on the very human impact these major grants have had – among other things, the charities’ technological advancements have greatly improved and scaled-up the critical support provided to people when they need it most. Jo and Maria also gave a heartfelt thank you to the WCIT membership for their friendship, support, belief and investment in their organisations.

Members were also reminded that in addition to these grants, the WCIT Charity initiated the set-up of an AI/ML Learning Exchange – AI4C – to provide further support to the winning charities and any others using AI/ML, and this network continues to thrive today.